Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fixing the terrace - one day's notice?

This morning when I left my apartment, I found a note from the building administration notifying the residents that the terraces will be repaired... starting tomorrow!

I remember my landlady telling me quite along time ago already that she found an agreement with the administration to have the terraces repaired. Actually, I didn't think they would have to go through such extreme activities. I was quite satisfied with my terrace and I think only a few smaller fixes would've been enough. There are simply several things that I don't like about this whole thing:

  • The notification was really on short notice! Putting up a note the day before they actually plan to start? I just read the note today when leaving the house.
  • No additional information was posted. I have no idea when exactly they will start with my place, if I have to remove everything from there (which won't be too easy since I'm usually alone and I don't have a lot of room to put my garden stuff), if I need to be home at a certain time and above all: no word about what exactly they are planning to do and when they will be done with it! Summer is coming - faster than I would like, actually - and the last thing I want is for my garden outside to be unusable!

Let's hope for the best. I'm glad to see they are doing something to fix certain shortcomings and broken stuff, but not knowing what to expect is quite annoying and troubling. I like having my peace, I like my outside-area of my apartment and I'd hate not being able to use it for a longer time - and having workers around all the time when I want my peace.

After calling the person in charge, he assured me the work won't be taking long - that is should actually be done at the same day the person starts. It was even planned that the worker starts today but it seems he didn't get there and will arrive by tomorrow then. That sounds good. I still don't know exactly what they will be doing, if they will just fix some things or actually replace the whole floor. But as long as it gets better afterwards, I'm alright with it.